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Convention Committee


To plan, coordinate, and publicize the annual international convention. To make recommendations about site selection, budget, speakers, registration fees, common reader, academic and anniversary awards, convention awards, and any other matters related to the convention. To nominate convention speakers for honor membership in the Society.


Felicia Steele

Board Members
Lexey Bartlett Fort Hays State University
Shannin Schroeder Southern Arkansas University
DeAndra Miller Minot State University
Louis Jameson Chapman University
Britton Edwards University of North Carolina Wilmington
Board Affiliates
Brittany Barron Georgia College & State University
SKD Representative  
Non-Board Members
Rebeca Brackmann Lincoln Memorial University
Sarah Dangelantonio Franklin Pierce University
Rebecca Lartigue Springfield College
Andrew Maust Penn State University
Jacqueline Walker University of North Texas
Lauren Shoemaker Slippery Rock University
Lizzie Tesch Alumni Epsilon
Jayless Diaz Alumni Epsilon
Morgan Hank Alumni Epsilon
Chiyna Powell Alumni Epsilon
Heather Eisele Alumni Epsilon
Rebecca Ferloti Alumni Epsilon
Therese Holzapfel Alumni Epsilon
Charles Lobaito Alumni Epsilon
Mary Paplham Alumni Epsilon
Stephanie Ramser Alumni Epsilon
Steve Savoie Alumni Epsilon
Sheyenna Schnepper Alumni Epsilon
Traci Thomas-Card Alumni Epsilon
Elena Zambori Alumni Epsilon
Elfi Gabriel