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Student Leadership Committee


To provide the students' voice within the Society. To serve as liaison between student membership and the Board. To promote and encourage local chapter activities. To encourage participation in state, regional, and international events. To advise the Board and Central Office on methods to recruit and re-activate local chapters.


Kaitlynn Sass, Student Advisor
Amanda Ayers, Student Advisor

Board Members
Alex McCarron Eastern Student Representative
Apryl Moore Midwestern Student Representative
Julie Handy Far Western Student Representative
Madison Whatley Southern Student Representative
Jessica Trad High Plains Student Representative
Claire Seale Southwestern Student Representative
Shannin Schoeder Secretary/Treasurer
Board Affiliates
McKenzie Rodriquez Eastern Associate Student Representative
Vanessa Macias-Arias Midwestern Associate Student Representative
Jennifer Harris Southern Associate Student Representative
Natalie Wolf High Plains Associate Student Representative
Amanda Chappell Far Western Associate Student Representative
Maria Rossini Southwestern Associate Student Representative
Elfi Gabriel Director of Marketing and Technology  
Katie Mudd Director of Social Media