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2014-2015 Student Leaders
From left to right: Matthew Drollette (back); Parker Hunt, Hannah Clark, Jeannett Schollaert, and Reggie Carlisle (middle); Stephanie Laszik, Christine Johns, Kaci Ferguson, Aline Newton, Katherine Williams, Robert Durborow, and Timothy Leonard (front). Not pictured: Crystal Stone, Lindsay Hansard, and Traci Thomas-Card

Student Leadership

Active student members have the opportunity to serve the Society on a national level. Those members who do so gain valuable networking, organizational, and leadership skills that benefit their personal and professional lives.

Student Advisors (SAs)

Student Advisors (SAs) serve a two-year term, and may not serve more than one term. One of the two Student Advisors is selected by the Board of Directors each spring.

SAs provide the student voice to the Board of Directors and serve as voting members of the Board. They also chair the important Student Leadership Committee. Student Advisors must be full-time student members of active chapters and must be willing advocates for the needs and concerns of the student members of Sigma Tau Delta. The two Student Advisors work together promoting the goals of the Society among its members.

SA Position Duties

Student Representatives (SRs) and Associate Student Representatives (ASRs)

Six Student Representatives (SRs) are elected by the student members of their respective regions to represent student concerns to the Sigma Tau Delta Board of Directors. SRs work closely with their Regent, helping with chapter recruitment and development. SRs are elected during the regional caucuses at the international convention and begin their one-year term immediately.

Six Associate Student Representatives (ASRs) are also elected by the student members of their respective regions (either as runner-up to the Student Representative or by separate election) during the regional caucuses at the international convention. During their one-year term, which starts immediately after the convention, ASRs assist their Student Representative in any/all regional duties.

SR/ASR Position Duties