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Graphic Standards

The Sigma Tau Delta revised seal was adopted in March of 2008. The revised logo is a clarified and contemporary interpretation of the original logo. It includes the Society's Greek letters, motto (Sincerity, Truth, and Design), and symbols (the quill pen, the torch, and star). Together with the redesigned word mark, "Sigma Tau Delta, International English Honor Society," a visual identity system has been developed to standardize our visual identity inside and outside the Sigma Tau Delta community.

As the need arises to update chapter materials in print and on websites, we ask chapters to adopt and incorporate these graphic elements. Images are available in many formats. Instructions on appropriate typography and a set of complementary colors is also included. Should you need any other image formats or assistance how to apply these graphics, please contact our Central Office web facilitators at

Sealtop ^

The redesigned Sigma Tau Delta Seal has simple lines and a high contrast design for improved legibility while keeping all the traditional elements that are recognized as Sigma Tau Delta.

Seal Graphic

Sigma Tau Delta Seal
PDF format (296 KB)
EPS format (500 KB)
GIF format (5 KB)
TIF format (2 MB)

Graphic Identitytop ^

The Sigma Tau Delta Identity balances the seal and word mark to convey a desired presence of prestige and honor  

Identity Graphic

Sigma Tau Delta Identity
PDF format (88 KB)
EPS format (650 KB)
GIF format (8 KB)
TIF format (3.5 MB)

Alternative Format Identitiestop ^

Horizontal and Vertical formats are also available. The alternate formats may be used in place of the graphic identity

Horizontal Format

Sigma Tau Delta Horizontal Identity
PDF format (80 KB)
EPS format (625 KB)
GIF format (8 KB)
TIF format (2.3 MB)


Vertical Format

Sigma Tau Delta Vertical Identity
PDF format (91 KB)
EPS format (600 KB)
GIF format (8 KB)
TIF format (1.1 MB)

Colortop ^

The Primary Sigma Tau Delta Colors are Cardinal Red and Black. Cardinal Red is defined by using the Pantone Matching System (PMS) Number 1955 (coated). Black is defined as PMS Process Black (coated).

Sigma Tau Delta Primary Colors, PMS 1955, PMS Black


0, 100, 60, 37

0, 0, 0, 100
163, 2, 52
0, 0, 0

The Secondary Sigma Tau Delta Colors are shown below. One or more secondary colors may be used in addition to the primary colors to add accents to a document. PMS values shown below represent use on a coated stock.

  PMS 400 PMS 7531 PMS 4545 PMS 5665 Warm Grey 2
CMYK* 15, 13, 17, 0 46, 42, 52, 9 0, 3, 19, 6 5, 0, 7, 10 0, 2, 5, 9
RGB 215, 211, 203 139, 130, 117 241, 229, 199 217, 225, 217 233, 227, 220
HEX #D7D2CB #8B8275 #F1E5C8 #D9E1D9 #E9E3DB
  PMS 5265 PMS 536 PMS 5135 PMS 476 PMS 1215
CMYK* 54, 34, 56, 7 34, 24, 0, 0 49, 65, 27, 4 57, 80, 100, 45 1, 8, 45, 0
RGB 122, 139, 118 166, 180, 220 139, 104, 137 84, 48, 26 254, 229, 156
HEX #7A8B76 #A6B4DC #8B6889 #54301A #FEE59C

* CMYK Values shown are percentages rounded to their nearest whole value. Actual percentages should be checked against the Pantone Matching System. Check with your print vendor for more information.


Typographytop ^

The primary font is Goudy Old Style and its three faces: Regular, Italic, and Bold.

Primary Type Face, Goudy Old Style

If Goudy Old style is unavailable, Georgia may be used.

The secondary font is Zurich and its four faces, Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic

Secondary Type

If Zurich is unavailable, Arial may be used.