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2016 Convention Stories

My Sigma Tau Delta Convention Story

Robin GrishamRobin Grisham
Nu Omega Chapter
Thomas More College, Crestview Hiils, KY

Driving the thirteen hours from Northern Kentucky to Minneapolis Minnesota was a productive and enriching experience. Witnessing the Windmills in Illinois was a truly unforgettable experience of beauty and power. The 2016 Sigma Tau Delta Convention proved to be an accolade laden retreat of English lovers, some with ties to past conferences and some newbies like me. Exploring the luscious Twin Cities and the extravagances of the infamous Mall of America, could not compete with the knowledge and philosophical thought processes that I accumulated while attending various student presentations. The topic of the American Dream was addressed in one such round-table discussion. The human induced tragedy of trying and failing to live up to this monumentally rotund expectation is a fluctuating decimal of American despair and utter regret. The American Dream is a utopian village in pure white and silver mountains in the highlands of Sweden, or a brash and roughly endowed train station in New York City. Utopia is a personal vantage point of either realistic or unrealistic endeavor. The power to the people of America to gain acceptance from the deteriorating list of “accepted” life goals is a humiliation for all involved. The underlying problem and innate dilemma of human and mankind is to emotionally wrestle with the concept of whether to follow the beaten path or to diverge and gorge a new manuscript across the unnerving landscape of time. In my opinion, the long held maxim of the American Dream is an inflation in sociopolitical objectives. The American Dream should encompass the values that the 2016 Sigma Tau Delta Convention embraced and set forward, that of the love and appreciation of learning. Never before had I been in a room with people who shared my beliefs and enamoration with literature and the spoken and written word. Throughout the conference, I met and saw people who were boisterous and enlivened by their free expressions of self and their community of friends. People who enjoy life and seek out new experiences; these are the kind of people who fruitfully embody the American Dream, so much more so than the white picket fence and the Mercedes-Benz that is never driven for fear that it might get dirty.