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Better World Books

Better World Books

To start your chapter's book drive: email sigmataudelta@

National Service Project Book Drive

Book Drives for Better Lives

Help break the cycle of poverty through education and literacy... while raising funds for your chapter!

The Student Leadership Committee has selected the Better World Books’ Book Drives for Better Lives program as the focus of the National Book Drive project. Better World Books collects and sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide. This campus program provides each chapter with the opportunity to foster global literacy, while at the same time raising funds for their chapter. Better World Books will partner with every chapter to host an “on campus” book drive to benefit one of the following nonprofit global literacy partners of their choice:

Better World Books covers all shipping costs - you no longer need to transport books to the Convention! So even if your chapter is unable to attend the spring Convention, you can still participate in the book drive.

Acceptable books collected between now and January 31st, will go toward the 2009 National Book Drive Project.

The impact of this project will be announced at the International Convention. In addition to the funding each chapter will receive by leading a book drive, a $100 donation will also be given in the name of the chapter that collects the most acceptable books. 

To start your chapter's book drive: