Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch

2011 Convention City -
Pittsburgh, PA

"I got to be around some of the best people in the world. I was skeptical when I first signed on to go to this convention, but I am now hooked. "

Stefanie Torres
Alpha Nu Lambda Chapter, St. Edwards University
2009 Convention
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Students in a Workshop Discussion

Student Leadership Workshop, 2010 Convention
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Student Leadership Workshop

Travel Funds

Fundraising is a necessary activity for every Sigma Tau Delta chapter. According to Dr. Robert Halli at The University of Alabama, “You increase your chances for success in soliciting funds from campus sources if you can convince these sources it is to their benefit to give you funds—that they will get more out of it in publicity and prestige than they invest in capital.”

Solicit Funds

Solicit funds from your English Department, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Student Government, Student Affairs, Dean, Provost, President, and chapter alumni.

Have a Fundraiser

Reimbursements and Discounts

Voting Delegate Reimbursement

Each attending chapter will receive a reimbursement check of $200 ($400 for chapters outside of the continental US) if the chapter sends a student delegate to the General Business Session and to the Regional Caucus held on Friday, March 25. Checks are mailed shortly after the convention.