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Regents Election

Thank you for exercising your right to vote for your Sigma Tau Delta Regent. This year, we have four positions up for electionFar Western, High Plains, Southern, and Southwestern. The candidates on the next page submitted applications last fall for your consideration in their respective regions.

The Regent Position

Regents serve four-year terms, unless elected to fill a vacancy. A Regent, unless filling an interim term as determined by the Board, shall serve no more than two full consecutive terms. (Bylaw III, Section IV).
Newly elected Regents will assume duties at the Regional break-out meetings at the Convention.
As Board members, Regents shall share the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Board, except for those specifically otherwise delegated. These obligations shall include, but not be limited to, serving as liaisons with the Central Office and providing regional information (III, IV.1)
Each Regent shall have the specific responsibility for the development and promotion of the Society in their Region. A Regent shall promote the mission and purposes of the Society within their Region by:
  •  disseminating information to chapters;
  •  encouraging and stimulating active chapters;
  •  endeavoring to reactivate inactive chapters;
  •  encouraging the formation of new chapters;
  •  encouraging attendance at conventions and conferences;
  •  accomplishing these aims by newsletters, inter-chapter activities, electronic media, and/or personal   contacts; and
  •  serving on and chairing committees. (III, VI.2)

2024 Regent Voting Process

  • Ballots will be emailed to each Lead Chapter Advisor.
  • Each chapter is allowed one vote in their region only.
  • Lead Advisors are encouraged to consult their chapter officers/members to discuss the candidates. 
  • Lead Advisors will then submit the vote using this form on behalf of their chapter.
  • In the event more than one vote appears for a chapter, only the earliest time-stamped vote will count.
  • Results of who voted for whom will remain confidential.

2024 Regent Candidates

Far Western Region

Dr. Michaelann Nelson—application pdf

High Plains Region

Dr. Mary Clai Jones—application pdf

Southern Region

Dr. Melissa Jenkinsapplication pdf
Dr. Heidi Williamsapplication pdf

Southwestern Region

Dr. Sonia Brownapplication pdf
Dr. Hillary Coenenapplication pdf