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Sigma Tau Delta Journal Evaluation Rubric

Rectangle Rubric

Does the piece demonstrate effective use of appropriate elements (dialogue, imagery, point of view, rhythm, lineation, diction, form, etc.)? Does it demonstrate awareness of generic conventions? Is the piece organized and paced effectively? Is the poem's language economical? Does the prose piece include sufficient and effective character development and/or plotting?

Is the piece original or significant? Does it do something new and fresh or offer a novel approach to familiar themes? Does it use experimental techniques effectively? Does it avoid cliché in form, content, language, and/or conceit?

Is the language in the piece clear? Does it achieve coherency? Does it avoid making basic generic errors (misunderstanding or misusing elements of poetry or prose) and basic mechanical errors (spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.)?

Is the piece entertaining and/or engaging? Is it thoughtful? Do its form and/or themes avoid being trite and facile? Does it offer an engaging perspective and prompt an emotional and/or intellectual connection from readers? Is it layered and nuanced? It it memorable?

Review Rubric

Does the piece have a cogent, specific central claim? Does it support this claim with sufficient evidence and argumentation? Are the links between its central and supporting claims clear and logical?

Does the piece offer a fresh, insightful central claim or present an old idea in a new and interesting way? Does it include unique analysis? Does it maintain your interest and avoid clichéd and familiar claims?

Style and Mechanics:
Does the piece use effective syntax, tone, and diction? Does it avoid spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors? Is it properly formatted with correct citations? Does it use varied vocabulary and sentence structure, avoiding monotony?

Is the piece organized effectively? Does it develop its ideas in coherent, unified paragraphs? Does it include appropriate transitions between paragraphs and between main ideas? Is it ordered to develop its argument efficiently and convincingly?