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The Sigma Tau Delta 2008 Annual Convention invites you to celebrate contradiction in a city that is something of a paradox itself. Perched between the North and the South, between the French king from whom it gets its name and its American rebel founder, the city seems to appeal to everyone. The downtown is, from afar, dominated by a skyline that virtually disappears once you’re on the streets, surrounded by fountains and sculptures. The city hosts the most famous American version of the sport of kings at a park called Churchill Downs. Bourbon vies for menu space with the fine wine lists. Good clean Southern living meets horse racing and rare spirits. Louisville not only makes the juxtapositions work, it convinces visitors that the contradictions are, well, necessary.

You won’t have to imbibe to find Louisville intoxicating. Nor will you have to wander far from our convention hotel, the Louisville Downtown Marriott, to find Louisville. From dining to specialty galleries, the Fourth Street Live! entertainment district to serene river scenery, bowling alleys to English pubs, interactive museums to quiet city parks—Louisville offers us a feast of contradictions to explore this coming March.

For more information about things to do in Louisville, visit the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau website.

Fourth Street Live! Actors Theater Building Churchill Downs Museum Clock Tower
Fourth Street Live!
Actors Theater Building
Churchill Downs Museum
City Hall Clock Tower