February 29 - March 3 • New Orleans Marriott • New Orleans, LA


Paper and Roundtable Submissions

Submissions Closed


Submission Guidelines

Submission Instructions

Preparing to Submit


Submission Guidelines

Submission Instructions

Submissions: Overview

Submissions for 2012 Convention papers and roundtables will only be accepted online. Please read through all applicable guidelines prior to submitting your work.

Submission Deadline

Paper and Roundtable submissions are due no later than
Tuesday, November 1, 2011, 11:59 p.m.


Due to the increase in the number of convention submissions relative to the number of presentation time slots, conditional acceptances are no longer offered (papers requiring a rewrite and a second round of evaluation).

Papers will be chosen on the basis of providing one presentation opportunity per author. Authors may still submit up to two submissions, provided the submissions are from different topic categories. However, even if both papers score well, only one paper will be selected for presentation.

Submission Preparation

Preparing to Submit Papers

10/27/11 - If your work is clearly connected to the convention theme (Reawaken) and would, therefore, be eligible for an award on that theme, you must use the word “Reawaken” as one of your three keywords when you submit your paper. Roundtables related to the convention theme should be designated accordingly under “topics” during submission.


The Convention Chair is seeking submissions based on a list of topics. Submitters may also choose a topic of their own.

For clarity this year, the word "roundtables" replaces the word panels. Roundtables are designed to promote discussion and exploration of a selected topic, with all participants participating in active dialogue. Competition for the number of roundtable slots available will be lively. Among equally persuasive proposals, the Convention Chair will give priority to those roundtables that include members from more than one chapter and/or that cover the convention theme or the 2012 Common Reader.

Convention Registration

Everyone attending the convention, including presenters and panelists, must register for the convention. Those registering by January 25 will receive an early registration discount. Those registering after the early registration deadline will pay the full fee. See convention registration for details.


Email Convention Chair, Shannin Schroeder at englishconvention@niu.edu.