2014 Convention

2014 Convention Logo - River Currnet

The RIVER CURRENT may be our oldest metaphor for the irresistible movement of time. But current can also point to the present, to what's new, to the ever-changing world of today. Next year we'll meet along the banks of the Savannah, a river rich in the currents of history. Its lazy brown waters remind one of Huck and Jim and the ways a literary work can stir the waters of its culture, creating currents that carry us from the old to the new.

Join us in Savannah, Georgia, for a very special 2014 Convention, as we celebrate Sigma Tau Delta's 90th birthday. Like Huck and Jim we'll trust to the current, but we'll be swept along by good books, good talk, and good fellowship´┐Ża RIVER CURRENT of fellow Sigma Tau Deltans.

Date and Location

February 26 - March 1, 2014
Marriott Savannah Riverfront
Savannah, GA

Theme: River Current
Common Reader: We The Animals, by Justin Torres