Students going to sessions.

2009 Convention: Students on their way to a session (above). Students performing a skit. (below).

Bad Poetry Contest

“. . . is it more fitting to win a bad poetry reading, or to lose one?”

Charles Yates Payseur Theta Zeta Chapter
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
2008 Convention
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Program Schedule

Program Schedule of Concurrent Sessions - 3/8/10 (Draft 4)

Program Index of Presenters - 3/8/10

Storytellers: Prologue

Approximately 800 members of English honor societies gather at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront to celebrate culture, language, literature, service, and writing.

ACT I: Wednesday, March 17

ACT II: Thursday, March 18

ACT III: Friday, March 19

ACT IV: Saturday, March 20

Epilogue: Sunday, March 21