2009 President's Reception: Neil Gaiman, Deb Seyler, and Gloria Hochstein (above). Attendees toast (below).

President's Reception

Chapter Sponsor Workshop

Thursday, March 18
9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

On Thursday morning, attend the Chapter Sponsor Workshop and discuss the issues sponsors face in fostering chapter development, recruiting new members, developing chapter leaders, and, of course, getting them to participate in all that the convention has to offer.┬áLed by Sandra Mayfield (Chi Gamma, the University of Central Oklahoma) and Beth DeMeo (Kappa Pi, Alvernia University), the workshop will bring together sponsors from across the country to share their problems, successes, and good ideas.┬áDeb Seyler, Director of Communications and Chapter Development, will join us to highlight briefly the results of the 2009 Chapter Annual Reports, provide an update on Write Away, and answer the questions most frequently asked of the Central Office.