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Using Email

A chapter administrator has the ability to email your chapter members using the email addresses listed in Write Away. You can also send a copy of your email to your email address.

Text Email

Email will be sent in text format unless you select the Create with HTML code option. Text format does not recognize character or paragraph formatting; it also does not create hyperlinks.

Email Created using HTML Code

For advanced users experienced in creating HTML pages, there is an option for sending email using HTML code. The HTML option provides users with the option to create a broadcast webpage that includes character formatting, images, and hyperlinks. To use this option, create an html page and paste it into the message. 

All image files used in the HTML email need to be referenced to an available URL on the Internet. Your image files need to be uploaded to the web and they must be referenced in the HTML layout with a fully qualified name like: - Your HTML code needs to reference this location. Do not use 'spaces' in the file names or location.