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Membership Status and Payment Definitions


Member has been inducted into Sigma Tau Delta, and the Central Office has received the one-time international induction fee.


Member is no longer active in the local chapter. (Chapter administrators can use this function to manage their chapter membership.)

Incomplete/Not Paid:

Member information has been entered, but no payment method has been selected.

Payment in Process:

Payment method has been selected and confirmed by the chapter administrator. However, enrollment is not complete until payment has been received and approved by the Central Office.

Credit card payment: the Central Office approves membership after the credit card transaction has cleared. This usually occurs within one business day.

Check payment: the Central Office approves membership after the check has been received and deposited. (Do not send student checks. Any check(s) written from a student's personal checking account will be held until the check(s) clear the bank. This will result in an additional delay of 2 to 3 more weeks.)