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Convention Committee


  1. To plan, coordinate, and publicize the annual international convention.
  2. To make recommendations about site selection, budget, speakers, registration fees, common reader, academic and anniversary awards, convention awards, and any other matters related to the convention.
  3. To nominate convention speakers for honor membership in the Society.
  4. In light of the Global Crisis, re-evaluate committee tasks and responsibilities so as to use Society resources, reducing costs where possible.


Leigh Dillard, Southern Regent

Board Members
Diane Steinberg Board President
Glen Brewster Immediate Past President
Terry Phelps Officer at Large
Kassia Krone High Plains Regent
Tim Helwig Midwestern Regent
Brett Iarrobino Student Advisor
Kayla Ashbrooks Student Advisor
Board Affiliates
Breanna Dittert High Plains Student Representative
Joshua Stinson Midwestern Student Representative
Liam Cunningham High Plains Associate Student Representative
Krista Barth Midwestern Associate Student Representative
SKD Representative  
Non-Board Members
Gloria Hochstein Retired Chapter Advisor
Kevin Stemmler Retired Chapter Advisor
Robyn Cadwallader Chapter Advisor
Stacey Kikendall Chapter Advisor
Brian Raftery Chapter Advisor
Sid Watson Chapter Advisor
Marsha Rhee Chapter Advisor
Linda Miller Chapter Advisor
Elfi Gabriel Director of Marketing and Technology  
Katie Mudd Director of Social Media Strategies