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Executive and Board Development Committee


  1. To exercise all executive powers of the Society excepting any specifically retained by the full Board in official sessions.
  2. To provide input on the Society's annual budget; to oversee disposition and investment of Society funds, with an emphasis on preservation of capital; to advise on the desirability and/or feasibility of additional expenditures.
  3. To develop and review policies and processes which enable the Board to recruit and mentor potential new Board members; to nominate candidates and implement elections; to review elections policy and procedures and recommend any changes for future elections.
  4. In light of the Global Crisis, re-evaluate committee tasks and responsibilities so as to use Society resources, reducing costs where possible.


Diane Steinberg, Board President

Board Members
Shannin Schroeder Vice President/President-Elect
Lexey Bartlett Secretary/Treasurer
Terry Phelps Officer at Large
Glen Brewster Immediate Past President
William Johnson Executive Director