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Regents Committee


  1. To share Best Practices among Regents and Regions.
  2. To plan and run Advisors’ Events at the Annual Convention: workshops, social events, events for New Advisors, Breakfast or Luncheon events, or roundtables.
  3. To discuss / brainstorm effective recruitment, selection, and training for student leaders: SAs, SRs and ASRs.
  4. To administer the Common Reader awards, the Outstanding Chapter and Outstanding Chapter Advisor awards, and to explore new awards to encourage chapter, inter-chapter, or regional programming.
  5. In light of the Global Crisis, re-evaluate committee tasks and responsibilities so as to use Society resources, reducing costs where possible.


Felicia Steele, Eastern Regent

Board Members
Tim Helwig Midwestern Regent
Leigh Dillard Southern Regent
AmiJo Comeford Far Western Regent
Kassia Waggoner High Plains Regent
Kaine Ezell Southwestern Regent
Board Affliate
Dana Eckstein Berkowitz Alumni Representative
Natasha McPartlin Director of Society Operations