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Student Leadership Committee


  1. To provide the students' voice within the Society.
  2. To serve as liaison between student membership and the Board, and to recruit and help train future student leaders.
  3. To promote and encourage local chapter activities.
  4. To encourage participation in state, regional, and international events.
  5. In consultation with the Regents, to advise the Board and Central Office on methods to recruit and re-activate local chapters.
  6. To assist the Convention Chair by introducing or hosting speakers; organizing Student Leadership events or workshops, especially workshops that highlight service; and volunteering at Convention Registration or for other Convention-related tasks.
  7. In light of the Global Crisis, re-evaluate committee tasks and responsibilities so as to use Society resources, reducing costs where possible.


Kaitlynn Sass, Student Advisor
Amanda Ayers, Student Advisor

Board Affiliates
Brette Iarrabino Eastern Student Representative
Myranda Morse Midwestern Student Representative
Kimberly Kuhn Far Western Student Representative
Haley Powell Southern Student Representative
Machen Olson High Plains Student Representative
Julianne Ford Southwestern Student Representative
Lily Alvarado Eastern Associate Student Representative
Allie Degner Midwestern Associate Student Representative
Jacey Sherman Southern Associate Student Representative
Jack Leyden High Plains Associate Student Representative
Bethany Erb Far Western Associate Student Representative
Alana King Southwestern Associate Student Representative
Katie Mudd Director of Social Media