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Scholarships and Academic Awards Committee


  1. To recommend application requirements, selection standards, and objective evaluation methods for the annual scholarship competition; to recommend scholarship recipients and identify runners-up; to post the winning scholarship application essays at the annual convention.
  2. To review current scholarships and awards and make recommendations about creating or retiring awards.
  3. As necessary, coordinate with Service and Partnerships in the judging of applications for internships.
  4. In light of the Global Crisis, re-evaluate committee tasks and responsibilities so as to use Society resources, reducing costs where possible.
  5. In light of contemporary concerns with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, brainstorm possible scholarships and/or awards that will make the Society more welcoming of diverse student members.


Kaine Ezell, Southwestern Regent

Board Members
Felicia Steele Eastern Regent
AmiJo Comeford Far Western Regent
Terry Phelps Officer at Large
Non-Board Members
Judith Clark Retired Chapter Advisor
Larry Dennis Retired Chapter Advisor
Sid Watson Chapter Advisor
Mikki Gallagher Chapter Advisor
Joli Hicks Chapter Advisor
Moussa Issifou Chapter Advisor
Carie King Chapter Advisor
Paige McCormick Chapter Advisor
Maria O'Malley Chapter Advisor
P. Jane Splawn Chapter Advisor
Elfi Gabriel Director of Marketing and Technology